Happy Monday!

I'm not usually a morning person, but this morning was an exception.

I sent a message to one of my friends a few weeks ago, telling him that I want to dye his hair grey. Not like this blondish silver gray, I mean really like grandpa grey and he said 'yes'! I have been waiting for this day ever since and it's finally here!

I got the inspiration from his style and personality for the hair color. And I don't mean that he is like a mature person 'cause he is not, I just knew that he's that kind of person who can rock that hair color when ever and where ever.

But because I am a really scatterbrained person I forgot to take pictures of it so now you just have to settle with the haircut picture for now!

We left the hair longer on top and it also gets a bit longer at the front from behind, so it's really easy for him to style and it looks good with or without wax. Sides are faded almost from the 0, so he doesn't have to come back for at least 3 weeks. There is also a small detail, I took the parting with straight razor.

And also 'cause he is a drummer this hair looks fucking awesome on the stage! Go and check out his crazy skills!

#greyhair #greygair #haircut #barber #druminc #drummer #tattoo #studiorebelicious #parturi #oldskool #punavuori

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