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Studio Rebellicious, Helsinki, Studio, Makeup, Barber

We bring creative, like-minded, self-employed people together to work as a team!

We have built our client base over the years and it includes both business and private clients. 

It has never been easier to find so many leading professionals under the same roof. Studio Rebelicious team members are extremely passionate in their field and focused to fulfill your wishes and create the style for your specific needs.

Studio Rebelicious is the biggest thing in creative beauty (not forgetting the classic beauty and hair).

We value our clients. We treat every client as an individual. We create the style YOU wish to have.

Welcome to Studio Rebelicious!

Studio Rebellicious, Helsinki, Studio, Makeup, Barber
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Jasmiina Walters

Founder, Makeup Artist & Hairstylist

Hi, I’m Jasmiina Walters, I'm an Award-winning makeup artist & hairstylist. I have worked in beauty industry for over a decade. At the studio I provide makeup,- hair and barber services. As I freelancer I have gained experience designing makeup & hair for productions, leading makeup & hair department/ teams, and working as part of the team. 

I have worked in numerous beauty-, fashion-, editorial- TV and commercial projects and my work has gained recognition internationally I have won numerous awards in various competitions, including IBI Beauty Award in 2019 & 2021.


My ambition to develop my skills as a makeup artist is neverending. I do believe, ”one is never too good or complete as a makeup artist or hairstylist”. 

I have studied hair & makeup artistry worldwide and I’m specialized in creative makeup. I published my first makeup art photo book “Lights out by Jasmiina MUA” in 2022.

I’m innovative and hardworking creative mind who has a huge passion for creative makeup, beauty & fashion. 

For me every client is an individual and equally important. I do love my clients. My main goal is to create the look my client wished to have when they walked in and execute it even better than they wished for. 


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Jasmiina Walters

+358 40 582 1951

Roosa Leino

Makeup Artist

I’m Roosa and I'm a professional makeup artist. Creating art with makeup is my passion. It’s a job where you get to express yourself and see the work of your hands, but also a chance to learn more, help others to make their visions come alive and aim higher every day.
I want to make the person sitting in my makeup chair feel heard and fulfill their wishes with expertise and passion. I work as a freelance makeup artist in many different divisions in this field. I do makeup designing as well as work on the execution side of it for all kinds of projects and events, from theater and TV to everyday clients. The best part of it is that you get to be creative as an individual but also work together as a team with different departments to create something interesting and unique for others to see and get inspired. I got my first makeup artist degree from Makeup Artist Academy Helsinki in the spring of 2021 and I’m currently working on completing another degree as a makeup artist in theater technology through competence-based qualification. I want to learn and educate myself every day and I do it with ambition.
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Roosa Leino

+358 44 2937813

Alina Koponen

Makeup Artist

Hi! I’m Alina, i’m professional makeup artist.
I love doing all different kinds of makeup, beauty to halloween orcs.
So don’t be affraid to book with me if you have something more creative in mind. I graduated from Pro Maker academy Helsinki end of 2021 and now work as freelance makeup artist. Besides client makeup i do fashion shows, photoshoots, theatre, TV and all different kinds of projects.
The thing that charms me in this field is that there is really no limit how creative you can be. You can get inspired and inspire others every single day.
What comes to my everyday clients love seeing their reactions when they feel heard and fufilled in their special day what ever the day might be.
My goal is make your vision come true! Educating myself futher is very important so i do that every chance i get. Love how i can implement my own vision or work as a team with other creators to make something new and fascinating.
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Alina Koponen

+358 50 5610556

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Riina Laine
Makeup Artist & Bodypainter

I'm a makeup artist, body painter, hairstylist and makeup designer creating looks for magazines, advertising, operas, music videos, and memorable events for both individuals and private clients. My special expertise lies in body painting, where I have earned the esteemed title of world champion. You can explore my body painting works at

My creative preferences are versatile: I adore creating fresh, radiant and classical makeup looks as well as fantastical body art designs. The diversity of my work and collaborating with fellow professionals continually inspire me!


Over the past 20 years, my love for this artistry has grown stronger and my experience has honed my skills, speed, and confidence, all the while embracing a bright and positive mindset. 

My strength lies in connecting with each client as their genuine selves, being able to listen and understand their needs. Your desires are safe with me, and I ensure that you'll leave my chair feeling like your authentic self - unless, you specifically seek an exciting transformation! Every client and project holds equal value to me. 


FUN FACTS: I laugh in 99% of the photos taken of me, so you might not believe how serious I look when I'm focused on my work! I believe in the power of manifestation, enjoy the thrill of riding my motorcycle, and have an undeniable soft spot for adorable bunnies!

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Anne-Mari Rautala 
Makeup Artist & Hairstylist

Hi, my name is Anne-Mari Rautala. I am a make-up and hair artist .

I have been working in the almost a decade.

My best skill is to make beautiful! I can create beautiful wedding make-up and hair for the bride and bridesmaids, not forgetting the groom's make-up and hair too. I make creative make-ups for events such as Halloween, fantasy parties, or any celebrations. The make-up styles I create can be either beauty, glamour, or face painting. I can conjure up different hairstyles, for example: curly, festive bun, or fashionable hairstyles.


I am inspired to work in commercials, music videos, magazines, and in fashion shows or simply for people’s requests.


I just simply love my job.

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Anne-Mari Rautala

+358 408450277

Studio Rebellicious, Helsinki, Studio, Makeup, Barber
Studio Rebellicious, Helsinki, Studio, Makeup, Barber

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