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Win a gift card!

It's our studios own barber writing!

I have been working as a barber almost 4 years now and I am super stoked to get to work with these girls. I can't get enough of mens' hair and beards! I love beards! (..and beer.)

You can see my work also from my own Facebook page, don't be afraid to give a like:

But yeah, to the point:

To kick off my new spot at the studio, I decided to start our first gift card give away on Facebook, from where you can win 3 x mens' basic haircut (value 105€).

For a chance to win, go like and comment the give away post on Facebook + like our page! The gift card is not only for personal use, so girls, here's your chance to give your boyfriend, friend, brother, dad or husband etc. a great gift!

Here's the link to the give away post.

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