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Jasmiina, Makeup Artist

& Founder

I'm Jasmiina, a makeup artist & hairstylist. I create everything from Beauty to Monsters. I love doing Makeup, it allows me to be creative without any limitations.

I have always been creative and believe the makeup industry is the best way to express myself and my creativity. For me it's like being an artist except instead of a canvas, you have the face or body to paint.

I have done makeup & hair for weddings, events, commercials, music videos, TV and fashion shows. I have also competed as a makeup artist numerous times including winning first place at the Finnish championships for makeup artists in 2013. I have further explored my field by competing with special FX and Bodypainting.

People ask me all the time where did I study makeup. The answer is... well everywhere ha. I initially started at the makeup artist academy in Helsinki and took part in several face painting and extreme fashion workshops in Amsterdam, Berlin and Austria. Later I moved to Hollywood to study special FX. After L.A I took private classes to learn more about extreme fashion from amazing award winning makeup artist Einat Dan (in Berlin). Finally I moved to London to study fashion at AOFM and now I'm back in Finland and it's time to start learning by doing. I guess in any creative industry you are never ready or never too good. You can learn something new every day. You can always be better and that's the thing that keeps me motivated and excited every day!

Ester, Hairdresser

I'm Ester, Hairdresser. 


I will fulfill all your possible wishes regarding your hair. I love to do particular striping with different techniques. I graduated from Unika Hairstyle - hairdressing school in 2020. After that I worked as an entrepreneur and now I get the opportunity to join in the spectacular team Studio Rebelicios turn of the year 2020-2021. With regular training and following industry trends, I keep my professional skills at a good level to serve you as well as possible. The most great thing about the job is to get beyond the customer’s expectations and get good feedback on the job.


Welcome to be served - make your dreams come true.



hairdresser & barber



My name is Hanna-Marika. I'm a hairdresser & hairstylist and I work with passion. 

I’m creative, visualist and I love working on diffrent hair types.

My favourite working tool is razor, and i use it on most of the cuttings. 

Bold and vibrant colors are also fun to work with. 

I'm able to style your hair for any event or occasion needed.

I graduated from Unika 2020, and at the moment I'm working at Studio Rebelicious with wonderful, professional team. 

I educate myself constantly, because in this industry, you are never totally ready or too good.

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