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We obviously want our clients to be able to maintain their fresh look as long as possible. Come check out our little store at the Studio! It's filled with the same products we use!

Our Opening lot of Fudge products are now exceptionally low priced, you won't find prices like these anywhere else! Come get your favorite product before we run out!

Curve Maker, 190ml

Curve Recovery, 200ml

Fudge 1 shot, 150ml

Blow dry Putty, 75ml

Clean Blonde Shampoo

Clean Blonde Conditioner, 300ml

Cool Mint Purify Shampoo, 300ml

Dry Shampoo, 224ml

Elevate styling powder, 10g

Ends, 50ml

Hair Cement

Hair Matte Hed

Mega Hair Milk

Membrane Gas

Push-it-up Blow Dry Spray

Salt Spray


Skycraper Extra

Skyscraper 100ml

Smooth Shot Shampoo

Think Big Texture spray

Tri-Blo blow-dry spray

Eyedust powder eyeshadow

Loose Powder

Permanent Eyeliner

Lip Stain pen

Apothecary Beard Oil

Black brushes


White brushes

Makeup bags

Konjac sponges

Colorful makeup sponges

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